Dallas Mullican – The Critoriseror

Dallas Mullica the lest famous brother of Ming The Mersiless, is a bad person after 2he sed some shit about me. Clerly amed at my new book “The frawds of dallas” he wote of sosial meedia

“The great thing about small presses and self pub is that anyone can now write, publish, and sell a book. The terrible thing about small presses and self pub is that anyone can now write, publish, and sell a book.”

What he dudnt reelise if some of us writers dont need some other persons to draw our book picturs as we can do it areselvs. I learenered GIMP a drwing program and was abel to bring up what i think is a proffesshional front book bit.

So i say ‘Fuck of Dallas.just becsorse you are jellos of better writy peeple than youwhp can draw shit as well as write exsiting storeys as well”

I read all yor books, and records, and other writy and singy stuff and qwite truly it’s rubbish and amature.

My new book which my nana saed is the best book sh read ever is avaiable from my garige(not on sundays, asa  the shitter tank gets empteed)


Aliens have landed in US, and have want to steal all the oil from texas. Big spaceships appeer out of the sky, and blow up the whitehouse and the pentagram.

Butch Sonbitch f;ies his airoplane into the spaceship to kill the alliens leader and finds a note saying that they are coming to earth to take all the natral resorces and want the oil.

But it seems like its to late for the earth to stop the alliens as the plan was dated a week old.

Meanwhile the biggest oil familt the euwongs in Dallas have been taken over by alliens who look like faymus cellebrettys and pumpering all the oil strate to the mothership at night so no one can see.

Butch Sonbitch and hsi team of ultra baddass former seals, will save the werld.

But first he has to kill all the alliens who are frawds as the euwongs, but its not going to eb easy. They look like cellebrettys so butch has to find out hoo is rela dn which ones are Alliens, and then fight them

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