Could The End of the World Running Club be the greatest Post Apocalyptic book ever written?

Could The End of the World Running Club be the greatest Post Apocalyptic book ever written?

I think so. And I’ve read a lot of them.
This should be the Haynes manual for all potential Apocalypse writers to consult and learn from.



Adrian J. Walker confirms something i been noticing for a few years. British writers are simply better at Post Apocalyptic fiction than their US counterparts.

Quite a seemingly harsh and sweeping statement, but a honest assessment.

I’d like to quickly add that Jonathan Maberry, Joe McKinney, Dirk Patton, DJ Molles, Rashad Freeman, CT Phipps, JL Bourne, Peter Clines, and a few others stand high above the deluge of wet blanket, weak, and tedious garbage that the majority of US authors churn out on a daily basis.

Having a To Be Read list a mile long, i am resorting to handpicking my next read by filtering them in one specific way. Swearing!

A simple search for the word ‘Fuck’ is all i need to know about that book.

If my primary interest were children’s fables, catalogs for woolly hats, or telephone directories, then i’d be delighted not to encounter the F-Bomb in my search.

However my interest is far, far darker. It’s apocalyptic, extinction, the decimation of the human race, death, disease, starvation, zombies, death, death, murder, and death.
If an entire book doesn’t contain a single ‘Fuck” it’s thrown over into the bin i like to call Crap!

Adrian J. Walker never need worry about being consigned to the Crap! bin, because here’s a chap that understands the apocalypse. More than that, he understands people, and the human emotions that dictate their behaviors. The characters in this book are the most developed i have ever encountered. They are in no way complex, but they feel authentic.

I’ve read so many books where the characters are clones of every stereo type you could imagine with all the emotions of a Thunderbird’s puppet.

The End Of The World Running Club is about the end of the world!

Millions of people die!

The few that survive are literally fighting to survive.

The book literally overflows with the anger, terror, and the desperation that the extinction of the human race would provoke. The main characters Edgar, Bryce, Harvey, Richard, and Grimes are superbly developed. Different people, with different personalities, with a similar goal. To survive.

The story is brutal in places, and the language so colourful it makes me feel proud to be British.

You see, when i read a book about the annihilation of the human race, i want to feel what it might be like to be one of those starving, desperate survivors.
I’m not interested in the fluffy, artificial trash that other authors offer.
Morally self important Christian folk, who use the platform of writing as an excuse to drown the reader in their own sappy views.

This book, thankfully, is free from religious suffocation.

Is Adrian J. Walker a religious guy?

Who knows, and that’s the way it should be.

There is no larger than life, chest beating hero here. No Navy Seals packing enough heat to bring down a small South American Country. No Hooah’s at all! Awesome.

Just ordinary, normal people!


Indeed. None of the group just happen to be a doctor, or a scientist, or a member of some secret government group.

None own a cache of military grade weapons. Not a bug out location in sight.

So what happens when ordinary people, with actual weaknesses, encounter a life altering event of cataclysmic proportions?
They swear. A lot! Well who’d have figured that a human could react in such a way?

This is a journey of survival from one side of the country to the other. A country that has been completely obliterated.

They encounter bad people, doing very bad things, on the way.
These villains are themselves nothing more than ordinary people, but damn if the author doesn’t make them utterly terrifying.
There are horrifying situations that in other books, would have the characters steaming in, ready to save the day. Not in this book.

The End Of The World Running Club truly is a work of absolute genius.

It’s beautiful, horrifying, and heart wrenchingly genuine to the core.

Another British author, Rich Hawkins is the only other writer I’ve read that can truly conjure up that feeling of empty, desolate, hopelessness, that i think is essential if a reader is seeking a superb apocalyptic book.


I really am so excited for more of Adrian J. Walker material. Any writer that includes Adam & The Ants, The A-Team, and BMX bikes on the same page will always be a winner in my book. It about summed up my early 1980’s on a council estate in the south of England.

I was fortunate to listen to the audio-book version of The End Of The World Running Club. Immense doesn’t even come close.

Brilliantly narrated by the absolutely superb Jot Davies. Easily the finest British narrator i have ever listened to. His vast array of character voices was stunning.


The audio-book can be purchased from Audible at this link