Timothy W. Long – I bow down to your genius.

If an authors book is post apocalyptic, with the inevitable decimation of humanity, physically, and emotionally, then for the love of extinction, give me realistic characters.

Is it too much to ask that you pop your self righteous morals on a shelf while you are narrating the fall of mankind?

Swearing!! Lots of people do it.

I do it if i drop something on the floor.

I  do it if i knock my elbow.

Hell, i do it during most conversations.

So if the world is collapsing around my feet, and most people that ever lived will die horribly, you can bet your bottom dollar, i’ll be throwing fucks around like no-ones business.

Having every character in your book acting as a moral smart arse, happy to blow anyone’s head off with an automatic rifle, but too perfect to cuss, makes your book, in my opinion, a bucket full of shit.

So where does Timothy W. Long figure into this?

On the copyright page of Z-RISEN: OUTBREAK you’ll find this.






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