The Last Dog On Earth by Adrian J. Walker.


Let’s get one thing straight, right off the bat.

This is not simply a book. It’s a journey, and a terrifying one at that.

When the credits had finished, and the story had truly ended, i drove in silence for 25 minutes contemplating the experience Adrian J. Walker has created.

I really needed to understand.

The Last Dog On Earth, a tale told by Reginald Hardy (Human), and Lineker (Dog) may seem like an odd concept, but it works. It works so absolutely beautifully.

It is magnificent tapestry, woven with humour, grief, and terror

Reg, the straight laced, agoraphobic, wannabe writer, hiding in his London flat, as the country collapses, is accompanied by his loyal, cockney, foul mouthed canine companion, Lineker.

Circumstances which Reg is desperate to avoid take him on a unavoidable, perilous, and hellish journey.

His transition through the book is heartbreaking, yet heroic.

The story would be classed as a dystopian nightmare, with the country controlled by an ultra right wing party, bent on eliminating undesirables.
The hint of Nazi Germany felt strong, but i saw subtle references to the potential of modern instances of culture hate.

The horrifying acts, simple people will carry out in the name of a ideal, is so frightening.

Some of the scenes made me feel very uncomfortable, and terrified at the thought that this is a scenario that has occurred before, and could again.
I’m not talking about graphic violence in the slightest, because Adrian J. Walker is far too clever to need to resort to extreme descriptions.

Immense and epic doesn’t even come close.

Adrian J. Walker is a literary genius.

The characters are mind blowing, in there complexity, and depth.
The dialogue is incredible, and Lineker’s bad language is about as colourful as a million rainbows.

But this is an author who has respect for his readers, and every fuck, and every cunt is perfected justified. Without these, the story would end up among the utter shite that those good ole Christian folk from the US, insist on shitting out.

Much credit also needs to be shown to the narrators Jonathan Aris & David John.

What a wonderful collaboration this whole project is.


So Jessica Meigs and The Becoming………


Zombie Apocalypse is my kinda book.

I’ve read so many, that I’ve reached a point where i’m very picky about what i read.

When you’ve been thrilled by the genius of authors such as Joe McKinney, Jonathon Maberry, D. J. Molles, Dirk Patton, John O’ Brien, Timothy W. Long, James Cook, J. L. Bourne, Bobby Adair, Adam Baker, Wayne Simmons, Anthony J. Melchiorri, Keith C. Blackmore, Peter Meredith, Jake Bible, Craig DiLouie, Scott Sigler, Sean Schubert, Iain McKinnon, A. R. Wise and a few others, the expectations are massive.

Unfortunately with the ease it is to get a book published, the ZA market is drowning in the vomit from bored soccer moms, wannabe preachers, and other fans of the Hallmark brand. Shockingly bad garbage from the most clueless, and uninspiring clowns ever to learn how to use a keyboard. But it’s the reader that suffers. Incredibly well designed book covers, shrouding total crap! It’s frustrating, and prevents credible, and talented authors from getting the exposure they deserve.

So how did Jessica Meigs, The Becoming series end up in my reading list?

Jessica had to pass my simple test to determine whether a book joins my ‘to be read’ list, or tossed into the bin.

I’m currently auditing over 6000 post apocalypse books in the same way.

The test is very simple. I perform a word search within each book for one word. And that word is Fuck.

If a book describing the horror of human annihilation, whether it be from Zombies, EMP’s, Economic collapse, nuclear war or comet collision, cannot provoke any character to use what is a very common swear word, then its not worth reading.

Too many books claim to deliver the terror, fear, and desperation, that human extinction would clearly provoke, but instead offer up a tale as harrowing as an episode of Little House On The Prairie.

Characters as wooden as Pinocchios dick, with dialogue so pitifully weak, it wouldn’t be out of place in a Mills & Boon novel.

So Jessica Meigs!

She takes the ZA, and rips it a new one. I’m fairly convinced that not only is Jessica the best female ZA writer in the world, she may well be one of the best of any gender.

Characters brilliantly structured, dialogue of solid gold, and superbly original story.

What does Jessica give that many do not? Swearing! By the bucket load!

But lets get one thing crystal clear. Every single curse is justified to the situations, and the admiration i feel is immense. An author that has the courage to give a perfect, and in my opinion, accurate reflection of a horrifying world filled with flesh hungry infected, and desperate survivors.

The books really emphasized just how lacking other books are when it comes authentic characterization, and gritty dialogue.

How the hell this series isn’t topping the all time ZA charts is absolutely beyond me.

Is it because post apocalyptic writing, and readership is primarily a male orientated arena, and female authors don’t seem to be afforded the respect they deserve?


But if you are serious about your post apocalyptic stories, and demand quality, then you must give this series a look.

In fact i’d go as far to say, that this series should be a compulsory read to anyone seriously considering writing within this genre. If, as a writer you find the language in this series too strong, may i suggest you fuck off to the romance section, and stop polluting the apocalypse with your wishy washy horse crap.