Wade H. Garrett – The Angel Of Vengeance


There is ‘Extreme Horror’, there’s ‘Really Extreme Horror’, and there’s probably ‘Off The Chart Extreme Horror’, but Wade H. Garrett’s ‘The Angel of Vengeance’, book 1 from his ‘A Glimpse Into Hell’ series, leaves those in the dust like pancaked roadkill.

This book isn’t an excuse to list the most grotesque ways to torture a person, like many similar books on the market. The author is damned meticulous, and frightening enthusiastic about his methods on introducing pain to a person.

One point should me made very clear at the start. This is a great story. A really good story. There is a point to it. As i mentioned, it isn’t a ‘101 ways to hurt.’

Wade has created an entertaining tale, which just happens to be bound together with some of the most imaginative, and mind blowing, sadistic horror, I’ve ever read.

Seth is the hero\anti-hero\psycho and he is out to punish the bad eggs of society, who have escaped, what he feels is sufficient punishment. Punish them he does. Severely!

Forget forgiveness, and empathy. Seth possesses none.

Wade H. Garrett is clearly a man who truly believes in justice, and this is evident from the book, and he reflects on what he obviously sees, as much injustice in the world. He uses his platform as a writer to deal out his retribution in his own brutal way, and to balance the scales.

This is vengeance at it’s most twisted, so be prepared to encounter methods of torture, you could never even conceive in your wildest nightmares.


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